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I provide consultations locally and virtually from my home office in San Diego, CA. I am available to consult professionals, parents, and children regarding iOS app and device setup. Although my specialities are Proloquo2Go and my apps (ArtikPix, PhonoPix, Percentally), I know about apps for all types of needs, and I'm willing to help with any of them. I can provide tips and tricks to adults and modeling to children with special needs. That way the team can gain the knowledge necessary for high quality intervention with iOS apps. If you’re interested in reserving me for a consultation, please contact to discuss fees.

I previously consulted for AssistiveWare, the creators of Proloquo2Go, a popular AAC app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. My AssistiveWare work focused on professional development regarding video tutorials, webinars, and presentations. I presented the webinar series for Proloquo2Go version 1, and you can view one of my Proloquo2Go videos below.