Back to School

Photo by thebassoonist12

My wife is a middle school humanities teacher and I was talking to her about her first week back with students after summer break. Since I no longer work for a school district, I wanted to know what she liked about being back. She said five things that I’ll do my best to accurately list here:
  1. Getting back to a daily work routine
  2. Seeing the staff
  3. Contributing to society
  4. Having fun with the students
  5. The overall fulfillment from helping students and collaborating with colleagues
I think the last item involving overall fulfillment was the main motivation for me to return (when I previously worked at a school district). Having fun with the students was great, too. However, the other items weren’t as important to me, and the thought of scheduling student speech times or doing IEP meetings was depressing.

Working at a school is a labor of love that requires you to remember all the positive reasons for being there. So, if you’re going back to school, relish in what fulfills you.