ArtikPix - Full Giveaway

blogEntryThumbnailTo coincide with my upcoming CSUN presentation, I’m doing an ArtikPix - Full giveaway for 3 promo codes, valued at $30 per code. ArtikPix - Full is a fun speech articulation app for iPhone and iPad.

Please complete the following two steps now to become eligible for the giveaway:
Winners will be selected on Wednesday, February 29 at 5 PM PST. Three names will be randomly chosen using the Names in a Hat app, then announced on my Facebook page.

CSUN Conference details:
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 10:40 AM PST
ArtikPix & PhonoPix on iPad for speech groups
Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, CA, Rm. Emma AB

My new Facebook company page

blogEntryThumbnailThis will be one of my shortest blog posts. I just want to announce that I created a company Facebook page to post business related information. If you’re reading this, I would appreciate it if you could please Like my new Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/EricSailersLLC. Thank you!

"New Year, New You"

blogEntryThumbnailAs my wife has been watching an increased amount of QVC this holiday break, she's been repeating a slogan, “New Year, New You.” I have a hunch that QVC says this to promote their products, but I think there are other perspectives regarding this slogan. As the new year is now upon us, a “New You” could involve a new diet, a new workout regimen, or what I’d like to pursue for this blog post: a new professional development plan.

A new professional development plan ought to include taking ownership by following online resources. I’d like to think that I contribute a fair amount of resources you can utilize. For example, I frequently share information regarding iOS apps and accessories, in addition to speech-language intervention strategies. Here’s how you can follow me to receive professional development:
Of course there are many other online resources besides mine to follow. If you have a hard time knowing where to begin, you might want to check out online resources that I follow frequently for professional development:
Just like a new diet or workout plan would be discussed with your friends, a new professional development plan ought to also be shared with your friends. You may choose to suggest me as a Facebook friend, share this blog post on Twitter, and/or tell a colleague about an online resource using traditional word of mouth. It’s up to you as you begin the New Year with a New You!

Note: The above image was used via a Creative Commons license, and the original image can be found here on flickr.