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2014 CSHA District 9 Achievement Award

blogEntryThumbnailAt the 2014 California Speech-Language and Hearing (CSHA) Convention in San Francisco, CA, I was awarded an achievement award by District 9. I was fortunate to have my sister and mom attend the ceremony. My mom pleasantly surprised me by capturing my acceptance speech on video. The video allows me to share the speech with friends, family, and colleagues who could not attend.


Summer speech for little Eric

Image from the US Air Force

My mom was reading this blog post for expanding language on holiday, when she got the idea to email a story about how I practiced speech as a little guy. She shared the following with me:

I read this and remembered how we seized the opportunity to work on your speech while on vacation. The summer after you turned 4 years old, your speech therapist wanted us to practice your speech. To maintain the “f” sound that you had learned during the school year, we practiced it as we drove up the California coast to Monterey. You really liked firefighters and firetrucks, so I created flashcards for those words and others. I had the cards prepared in advance for the coastal trip, and we brought markers, too.

In the car, I sat in the backseat with you so that we could practice your words. I would show you a card and ask you to say the word. Once you repeated a word, you were allowed to draw a picture of it. The speech therapist had said, “First you say it, then you draw it!” You loved drawing pictures, so that helped motivate you to practice your sounds.

As we were driving along the beautiful coast, hard at work practicing in the back seat, the traffic on the freeway suddenly started to slow down. Upon looking up, we saw thick clouds of grey smoke, and several policemen standing in front of a blockade. The traffic came to a stop. A policeman approached our car and told us that we needed to get off the freeway due to a severe fire ahead. It looked like our trip to Monterey had hit an unexpected detour.

We exited the freeway and decided to stop off at a hotel for the night since it was unlikely we would be able to travel any further. The front desk clerk at the hotel informed us that firefighters working in the area would be using part of the hotel to take breaks between shifts. Even though the hotel would be busy and a bit noisy, we said that was fine and we went to our room.

Once we arrived in our room and looked out the window, I could tell this would be a great opportunity for you to gain some speech practice with real life images. We could see all kinds of “f” sounds right in front of us: firefighters walking around, fire trucks in the parking lot, and flames in the distance.

Keeping in mind what the therapist said, “First you say it, then you draw it,” the unexpected detour of the fire that day led to more valuable practice and quality time with you.

Shortly after I read my mom’s email, I contacted her to ask if I could use the story in a blog post. I thought the story was great and I also felt that SLPs and parents would be interested in reading it. In this age of technology, when parents can easily be overwhelmed by thoughts of how to help their children effectively practice speech, this story offers a reminder that even the simplest of activities can make a big difference.

A Birthday Wish for Eric

blogEntryThumbnailI decided to hijack my husband’s blog today in order to wish him Happy Birthday! There have been many early mornings when I awake to him typing away about iPad accessories, a great app, or a teaching strategy he wants to share. So, this is my chance to share a little bit about Eric. (Though, I’m a night owl, so my crazy typing happens late at night!)

Eric is one of the most caring, dedicated people I have met in the field of education. The time and energy he devotes to helping colleagues through training, app development, and email support is admirable; even more than that, his love for making a difference in the lives of children with special needs is inspiring. I am always in awe of how he finds a way to help every child communicate and to have fun while working to overcome obstacles. As an educator, I know first hand how many challenges we face in our field today, and Eric embraces all of them with a positive attitude, a compassionate heart, and a remarkable spirit. I so often wonder how he manages to do it all and still put up with me ;) Honey, here’s to an incredible 33rd birthday and hope for many more happy days to come!

All my love, always


Photo of Eric and Kelly Sailers was captured at the 2012 ASHA Convention.

2012 ASHA Convention

blogEntryThumbnailI will be participating in the ASHA Convention scheduled for November 15-17, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re attending the conference, come see me at booth #1319 to learn about the latest (and upcoming) features in my apps (StoryPals, ArtikPix, PhonoPix, and Percentally) and enter to win prizes.

At the booth, you will be able to get StoryPals and ArtikPix stickers for the chance to win iTunes cards. You’ll just need to put on the stickers, then my staff or I will give out $10 iTunes cards to three people wearing the stickers each day during the convention.

You will also want to visit the booth because you can enter to win an iPad mini (16 GB) and iTunes codes. You will need to make sure that you enter before the giveaway is announced on Saturday, November 17 at 1 PM, and you must be present at the giveaway to be eligible to win.

Aside from the booth, you can attend my session titled Triple A for iPad: Apps, Accessibility, and Accessories, which is being held on Saturday, November 17 from 9:30 am – 10:30 am in Omni/Omni Ballroom F. I hope to see you there!

My new Facebook company page

blogEntryThumbnailThis will be one of my shortest blog posts. I just want to announce that I created a company Facebook page to post business related information. If you’re reading this, I would appreciate it if you could please Like my new Facebook page: Thank you!