Dragon Dictation

Using Dragon Dictation to hopefully blog more

blogEntryThumbnailI want to start blogging more, but I feel like I need some help. Since I enjoy helping myself independently, at least initially, I found that using the Dragon Dictation app (iTunes link) on my iPhone is easier for me to begin the writing process. At times, it’s difficult for me to begin typing what’s on my mind. When that occurs, I find myself avoiding the task all together. So, I’m hopeful that speaking my thoughts first will improve the writing process for me, and ultimately allow me to blog more.

With the Dragon Dictation app, I first record my voice, then the app performs a voice to text transcription. Subsequently, the transcription is available for exporting options. I prefer the copy option for copying the text to an email in separate parts. Usually, I can't say everything I want for a blog in a single recording because the Dragon app stops recording after about 30 seconds. So, when I want to compose a blog beginning with Dragon, I’ve found that I need to record myself in at least two parts.

After I record one part of the blog posting in Dragon Dictation, I copy the text and paste it in an email on my iPhone. Then, I return to the Dragon app to record again. Once the recording is done, I copy the new text and paste it in the same email. I continue this process as long as necessary. When I’m done with the process, I email the text to myself. Finally, I edit the text in a word processing document on my computer and paste the edited text in a WordPress post for publishing.