GoNow case review

blogEntryThumbnailI just received the GoNow case for iPad, made by Attainment Company, Inc. Below is information and a review of the product:

GoNow Case
  • Description - Lightweight, plastic constructed case with one handle, foam insert, and sound amplification.
  • Price - $59.00
  • Colors - Silver only (as far as I know)
  • Population - Children with special needs
  • Pros - Sleek design, fits device snugly, lightweight, portable, and non-skid pads
  • Cons - iPad must be secured in the case with screws, which limits the ability to easily move the iPad in and out of the case.
GoNow case
The GoNow case has an attractive, sleek design. External controls on the iPad are easily accessible with it inside the case. The GoNow case can easily fit into a bag or backpack for portability. It is made of lightweight plastic with a foam pad on the inside to act as a shock absorber. While Attainment Company, Inc. says in their promotional literature that the case “will help protect your iPad, it is not guaranteed to prevent damage.” I found from my use that the iPad seemed adequately protected, though not as well-protected as with cases made of EVA foam that I have used.

The GoNow case has a few unique features that may be appealing for some clientele. There’s an acoustic sound channel built into the case to amplify the sound of the iPad without using batteries. For a practitioner working in a noisy environment, this is a great feature. In my trials with the device, I noticed the amplified sound mostly when the iPad was at maximum volume. The difference in loudness seemed minimal when using the iPad in the case at 50% volume. The case also features a magnetic lock/unlock switch which allows the user to bypass the unlock screen on the device. While this is a useful feature, I had an issue with the magnet coming loose from the case when I removed the iPad. The switch could also pose a problem for students with sensory issues who may play with it. The case has a handle to help when transporting the device either in a classroom or from class to class, and non-skid pads which help the case to stay in place while in use. Additionally, there’s at least one hole for attaching a lanyard to the case if a student needs the case anchored around his/her neck.

For me, the GoNow case had one major drawback. I was really hoping that I could just slide the iPad in the case. In reading the product information, I saw that a small Phillips screwdriver is necessary to insert the iPad. This is unfortunate. I wish there was a way that I could quickly and easily put the iPad in the case without any tools. As a professional on-the-go who regularly needs to remove the iPad in order to use it with children requiring various solutions, the GoNow case poses some difficulty. In my opinion, the GoNow case is more useful for children - especially children with special needs who don’t need to remove the iPad from the protective case.

Overall, the GoNow case has some nice features that could work successfully for children with special needs. Unfortunately, it has limited use for me since I need to be able to easily move my iPad in and out of different cases when using a variety of products to work with children.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary case from Attainment Company, Inc.

Gripcase review

blogEntryThumbnailRecently, I received an iPad mini case and stand from Gripcase USA. Below is information and a review of each product:

  • Description - Lightweight, foam constructed case with four handles that are soft and bendable.
    Price - $34.99
    Colors - Black, red, blue, purple, green
    Population - Children (with special needs), but could be expanded to more populations.
    Pros - Durable construction, sleek design, fits device snugly, lightweight
    Cons - Handles could be sturdier, but Gripcase suggests that the case bends without breaking.
small case

From my experience in using the Gripcase USA case, it appears to be very durable and well-designed. It is constructed of a lightweight, soft, bendable EVA foam that is shock absorbent, non-abrasive, and bacteria resistant. I physically dropped the case with the iPad mini inside on both hard and carpeted surfaces. The result was a bouncing effect in which the case bounced on the rounded corners before landing flat on the ground; the iPad mini remained fully intact and unaffected. This is an important consideration for any product used with children and this case seems to pass the test. The lightweight, sleek design also makes the case easy to store in a child’s backpack without adding extra bulk.

Gripcase USA ensures, through construction and manufacturing, that the case is highly durable if soiled, placed in the sun or in the event bacteria forms on the apparatus. The bacteria resistant, washable material is definitely an advantage when working with children and adults with special needs, especially, if multiple individuals are using the device. Plus, the spongy construction may provide sensory stimulation for some users.

  • Description - Lightweight, hard plastic stand compatible with iPad and iPad mini Gripcase.
    Price - $19.99
    Colors - Black only
    Population - Professionals, parents, and children (with special needs)
    Pros - Durable construction, versatile design, compact size, and non-abrasive on surfaces
    Cons - Stand could benefit from suction cups to hold it in place on a surface. A locking mechanism for holding the case in place on the stand would also be a nice feature.
small stand

Upon testing the stand, I found it to be a great addition to the case. The stand is very lightweight and non-abrasive, so it can be moved around without fear of scratching any surface. The stand is very versatile as it can easily hold an iPad mini (in portrait or landscape orientation) or iPhone/iPod touch (in portrait orientation). In my experience with the product, the iPhone did not fall out of the stand. While the iPad mini was also very secure in the stand when it was stationary, I think a great additional feature would be a locking mechanism on the stand to hold the iPad mini in place. The stand is beneficial when you want to prop up the iPad in the event it cannot be held or during instruction when you want to be hands free.

All in all, I was very pleased with the use of both the Gripcase USA case and stand, and I would highly recommend the products, especially if you are a practitioner working with children with special needs or a parent of a child with special needs.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary case and stand from Gripcase USA.