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Featured App of the Week

blogEntryThumbnailI am honored to have ArtikPix featured as the app of the week on Amanda Backof, who runs the website, informed me yesterday of this honor. When you visit the home page of Speech Language Neighborhood, you will see ArtikPix featured. You will also see several free downloadable homework sheets for various sounds that coincide with the content in the ArtikPix iOS app. Since the last time I blogged about Amanda’s ArtikPix homework sheets, she has added practice materials for the following sounds: initial r, vocalic r, l blends, and s-blends. Plus, it’s my understanding that more ArtikPix homework sheets will be coming soon. So, please check out Speech Language Neighborhood this week while ArtikPix is featured!

Thanks to Amanda and Symbolstix for allowing personal use of these homework sheets. Under subscription terms, the homework sheets are not for re-sale.