Jan 2013

Tweet and greet video from the 2012 ASHA Conference

At the 2012 ASHA Conference, I participated in a “Tweet and Greet” hosted by Pediastaff and the #slpeeps. The “Tweet and Greet” involved a brief interview that was caught on video. I thought I would share my video, since it was recently posted by Heidi from Pediastaff.


Apps list template

blogEntryThumbnailI have been presenting on iOS topics for some time now, so I’m continually considering how I can improve upon previous presentations. One thing I’ve been thinking about is how participants are always feverishly writing down the names of apps learned during presentations. The apps might have been mentioned by the presenter or someone else at the session; either way, participants write down app names on any piece of paper they can get their hands on. I imagine that after the session, participants don’t want to spend time looking through all their papers for the app names, or even worse, the papers are lost. With this “problem” in mind, I decided to create an “Apps list template” for participants to write the apps down via various categories. The template will be distributed (electronically or paper-based) with the handouts by the coordinator of the event. My hope is that if participants write the apps in my template, it’ll be easier for them after the session to find the apps for downloading.

Since I like to share with anyone interested beyond my sessions, I thought I would include the Apps list template here on my website. You can view the document below in Scribd, or you can save the document using the Download Link. If you save the document, here are ways to access it:
  • If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro on your computer, you can type in the interactive fields, save your work, and/or print.
  • If you have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can type in the interactive fields and print.
  • You can simply print the document from your computer, then write in it.
  • If you have an iOS device with an annotation app such as GoodReader, you can type/write in the document, save your work, and/or print.

There could be other ways to access the document that I’d be happy to hear about. Please let me know if you have other ideas for accessing it, or if you have suggested revisions to the document.

Download Link

Apps list template by Eric Sailers


Disneyland materials

blogEntryThumbnailYesterday, I went to Disneyland with staff, parents, and students for a class field trip. During the trip, I distributed materials (for communication and learning) to the adults and I also used the materials with students. One adult asked me if the materials would be available somehow after the trip, in case she wanted them for future use. I said I could put them on my blog so that anybody involved in the trip (or anybody else interested) could have access.

The main item I used for augmentative communication at Disneyland was this communication board created in Proloquo2Go. I created the communication board for use on my iPad during the field trip, and to print it for everyone else to use it as a paper communication board. Since it was raining on the field trip, I provided sheet protectors to keep the paper boards dry.


I also used a couple apps for Disneyland. One of the apps is called Disneyland Maps Free, which we used for determining our location in the park and deciding which direction to go for given rides. We also used it to talk about what rides we previously rode. The other app called Disneyland Explorer also helped us with navigating directions at the park, but it additionally had activities to interact with while we waited for things such as lunch. Among the activities, our favorite was the Haunted Mansion game, which required us to play a sequence of organ keys previously played by an invisible ghoul.

All in all, I think the materials were helpful in facilitating learning and communication for our students with disabilities. And I hope that anybody interested in using the materials for a future trip to Disneyland will also find them helpful.

*Disneyland photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee on flickr