20 tips for getting started with StoryPals

blogEntryThumbnail1. Read one of 24 included stories by tapping the title in the Table of Contents on the home screen.
2. Using the animation hints (hands), interact with the illustration.
3. Tap the play button to read the story with text-to-speech (TTS) and word highlighting.
4. Tap the Rec. button, then the red circle to record your voice reading the story. Next, play it back.
5. Swipe from right to left on the bottom of the right page to interact with the next story.
6. Tap the Quiz button then New Student to setup a student for quizzes.
7. Choose the student and/or the Sample Student, then tap Begin for the quiz.
8. Take the quiz by tapping each question, followed by an answer choice then the Next button.
9. Tap Done if you want to exit the quiz before it's finished. Tap Done again to return to the story.
10. Tap the Options (gears button), then Visual. Next, adjust the Story Text Size and turn Justified Story Text OFF.
11. Go back to the first level of Options, then tap Audio to turn TTS OFF or to change Voices.
12. Exit the Options and tap the Table of Contents (to the right of the Options button), then tap New Story.
13. Create a new story with an image (via tapping the Image button and choosing illustration elements), title, and story text.
14. Tap Quiz and follow the directions to create quiz questions.
15. After you're finished creating the quiz, tap Done.
16. If you know someone with StoryPals, tap the Options and Share Stories to email your new story and quiz.
17. Visit http://ericsailers.com/blog.html to install (for free) a shared story with quiz in StoryPals.
18. After the story has been imported, go to My Stories in the Table of Contents, and tap on the story's title.
19. Interact with the story and illustration, then take the quiz.
20. Tap the Help (question mark button) to learn about several other features in StoryPals.
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